Kauno Architektūros Festivalis

BOOK. Alfredas Paulauskas

DATA: 2019-09-25

LAIKAS: 18:00 val.

Project “Creative Work of Architect Paulauskas”

Compiler of the book: Vaida Almonaitytė-Navickienė.

Authors: Vaida Almonaitytė-Navickienė ir Rūta Marija Purvinaitė.

The project “Creative Work of Architect Paulauskas” was curated by Kaunas Branch of LAS. 

The presented publication discusses the creative path of architect Alfredas Paulauskas (1928-2013), one of the most famous Lithuanian architects, highlighting the architectural realities of that period. The texts of the publication are illustrated by hitherto unpublished iconography: drawings, photographs of architectural objects, hand-drawn sketches by the architect.

A separate section of the book is dedicated to A. Paulauskas’ artistic work: pastels, watercolours, caricatures and sculptures. The text is illustrated by photographs of the works.

The idea behind the publication came from the need to immortalize the architect’s footprint in Lithuanian architecture, bearing in mind that buildings are rapidly changing or even being destroyed. Architect Alfredas Paulauskas is one of the most famous Lithuanian architects, whose creative path lasted from 1952 to 2010. Thus, and entire era. The aim of inclusion of the book’s presentation in the programme of KAFe 2019 is not only to introduce the architect’s work to the society, but also to shed light on the conditions under which the architect had to implement his creative ideas. 


September 25, 18:00

Loft of Kaunas branch of Lithuanian Architects’ Union, Vilniaus Str. 22