Kauno Architektūros Festivalis


KTU Mechanikos inžinerijos ir dizaino fakultetas. Studentų g. 56 Kaunas

DATA: 2019-09-27

LAIKAS: 18:00

Herithon’19 – is the first hackathon of interactive heritage protection in Lithuania. During the event, innovative solutions for heritage protection in Kaunas will be sought.

Herithon’19 is a 48 hour event is dedicated to take a new look at heritage of Kaunas town. The first event of its kind in Lithuania aims to initiate co-operation between different fields, leading towards sustainable integration of heritage in the modern town. Today, interactive heritage combines modern technologies, architecture and various fields of art.  

One of the main goals of Herithon’19’s is to recover the heritage objects, which are forgotten and unused today. Kaunas modernist architecture has become a perfect example of the fact that the newly discovered heritage can become the basis of the city identity. Kaunas Architecture Festival 2019 invites you to continue the started work and to take a creative look at the potential of heritage to become a relevant part of the modern city. The event is not limited to a specific era or heritage area, but seeks innovative solutions to initiate positive change. 

During the event, teams will seek solutions to both practical heritage protection challenges and potential transformations of iconic locations in Kaunas. 


Tautvydas Urbelis, Rasa Chmieliauskaitė, Tomas Proscevičius, Vaida Morkūnaitė (kontaktinis asmuo – Tautvydas Urbelis / tautvydas.urbelis@gmail.com / +37062026092




·         Openness– a significant part of heritage sites are not open to the public. Open door days could be the key to these territories. How can information technology help open buildings and coordinate events?

·         Activities– how can information technology help open buildings and coordinate events? Cafes, bars, cultural centres, smart public spaces are the most common interpretations of heritage. How can they be implemented in creative ways? What are the other ways to give new life to heritage?

·         Support for owners– a virtual platform where heritage owners can ask questions, get information, and acquire authentic materials would make many lives easier.

·         Virtual heritage– not all heritage must be preserved and not all transformations must be material. The digitization of heritage sites can become a new way to experience heritage in a different way. 

·         Real estate maps/databases– intended to facilitate the sale and purchase of real estate of cultural, historical or other value. 

·         Cultural/urban hacking– heritage is not just strictly protected objects on the register. Abandoned, unattended buildings, or buildings with enthusiastic owners are just waiting for technological/artistic interventions. Draw, illuminate, disassemble, add – these are just a few ways to activate the city’s cultural field.

·         Changing states– intangible heritage turns into tangible objects and vice versa. Urban legends transformed into algorithms and masterpieces of modernism into sounds? Of course!

·         Modern interpretations– anything that does not fit into the previous categories but promotes the inclusion of heritage in the rhythm of the modern world.


In the evening of 27 September participants of the event, mentors and guests gather for the opening night. Goals of Herithon’19 are presented in an informal setting, an audiovisual program takes place. 

In the morning of 28 September, mentors present their areas of work and highlight possible directions for teamwork. The presentation is followed by team building and setting up places of work. The teams proceed to work immediately. The first step is to pick a challenge that will be addressed in the next two days. Whether the challenge is chosen from the list provided by the organizers or offered by the team itself, the most important thing is to have creative and relevant solutions.

The rest of the day and night is devoted to tireless work.In the morning of 29 September, work is still in progress, ideas are taking shape and getting ready for presentation. In the afternoon, the jury of Herithon’19 will listen closely to short presentations of the results and decide on the winners. The event will conclude with an awards ceremony and discussions of future partnerships.