Kauno Architektūros Festivalis



Giedrius Mamavičius and Gabrielė Ubarevičiūtė graduated in Architecture and Urban Design and since then has been working in several architecture practices around the world. In 2016 they have joined OMA Hong Kong where both have worked on and lead large scale masterplaning as well as architecture projects in China and South East Asia. 

Prior to that they have been leading architects at BIG Bjarke Ingels Group in Copenhagen for 3 years, working on projects primarily in Europe, USA and the Middle East.

Gintarė is interested in architectural education, contributes to student design reviews in Lithuania and the UK, and has taught at the Bartlett School of Architecture and Ravensbourne University. She is engaging in visual communication of ideas and her architectural drawings have been exhibited in galleries in London and Rome. Currently she is a partner at BLUMA studio.

The theme of our works is the design of a common ground between people’s immediate environments and the environments and phenomena beyond human awareness. Our projects involve a large variety of scales, from product and space design to large-scale visionary concepts.

Urban designer and planner, development process moderator and coordinator. Specialises on complex transformation strategies of the existing city where stakeholder participation and moderation is necessary. Currently Martynas holds a position of an assoc. professor in KTU and is a director at mmap.

Born in 1976. He is the principal architect of ON DESIGN firm which designs “open and impartial” architecture in various type of buildings, using their unique method to communicate with users to enhance the creativity.

In 2008, he established Project RAD, which researches the possibilities of the architectural realm, curating architectural exhibitions, planning and managing citizen-participatory renovation workshops, holding lecture events, and making proposals for urban use to the government. Through his work, he conducts research on the relationship between architecture and society, and the role of architects.


Adelė Astrauskaitė Vilnius Academy of Arts, LT

Akiha Shimizu
Tokyo University of Science, JP

Auksė Vilkevičiūtė
Vilnius Academy of Arts, LT

Erina Shibagaki The University of Tokyo, JP

Yumeno Noda
Waseda University, JP

Keika Sato
Kyoto University, JP

Martynas Stakvilevičius
Kaunas University of Technology, LT

Masato Sako
Shinshu University, JP

Naoya Ando
Shibaura Institute of Technology, JP

Naoki Kitagaki
Kyoto University, JP

Patricija Markevičiūtė
Vilnius Academy of Arts, LT

Tautvydas Zykevičius
Kaunas University of Technology, LT

Tetsu Kimura
Tokyo University of Science, JP

Vilius Jagminas
Vilnius Academy of Arts, LT

Ignas Arlauskas
Vilnius Academy of Arts, LT

Mako Kijima
Hosei University, JP

Motoki Susi
Meiji University, JP