Kauno Architektūros Festivalis



A Tokyo native and a graduate of University of California, Berkeley, and Tokyo Art University, Yamada set up her independent studio in 2013 in Tokyo, having previously worked at the Sou Fujimoto Architects practice. She now teaches in an architecture studio at Kyoto University and Tokyo University of Science. In practice, she explores a distinctly experimental architecture, having scooped along the way a range of awards.


Gathering. It is a fundamental activity, inseparable from human life. It is an activity, a state of being, at the same time. In architecture, not only people but also things gather. Animals and plants also gather. A house is a state in which all the things that surround our lives are gathered in one corner of a town. Rather than creating a unified framework that accommodates a wide variety of individuals, each individual maintains its own strength, and the relationship between them is continuous, as one presence brings out the presence of another. I’m attracted to such a way of assembling things.