Kauno Architektūros Festivalis



Shingo Masuda graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Musashino Art University, and is a Lecturer Critic at Department of Architecture, Musashino Art University from 2010, Baird Visiting Critic at Cornell University 2015, and has been a specially appointed associate professor at Meiji University in 2019-2022. Together with Katsuhisa Otsubo he is leading Shingo Masuda+Katsuhisa Otsubo architects.


Dividing a place into many places and imagining the future of one of them seems like a very superficial and closed way of thinking to us. This is why we want to think about a way to expand one of them and connect with others without subdividing it. We don’t create with an image in mind. When the goal is set first, then the design to realize that image is convergent. And it is possible to close the world to that image. We think that’s how the world came apart. So as we proceed with the project, I look for what to design and what could fundamentally affect the  place itself.