Kauno Architektūros Festivalis



Kei Kaiho is a graduate of the Department of Architecture, faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo. He established Kei Kaihoh Architects in 2010, with the theme of designing the contact between the life of human beings and the phenomena beyond human knowledge.


When it snows in Tokyo, trains and people stop moving, and time slows down. Urban functions become sluggish, and work is not always easy. At such times, I settle down at home, sit in a chair and look at the sky. We take a short break and celebrate the special day. I’m interested in having a flat view of the physical scale event, such as cooking with a frying pan and the extremely large-scale event such as cumulonimbus clouds forming in the blue sky. And I want to design how to connect the human life and the phenomenon of “more-than-human beings” like nature, industry, ecosystem linkages etc.