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AFTER PARTY was founded by Gabrielė Ubarevičiūtė and Giedrius Mamavičius in 2020. Since then the office has successfully participated in various scale projects and competitions. Their masterplan for the urban regeneration of Turku harbour area in Finland was awarded 1st prize in international competition while this summer AFTER PARTY together with Isora x Lozuraityte studio was chosen to design the very first timber institution building in Lithuania – National Forestry HQ.


AFTER PARTY envisions the future of the built environment based on the context of climate, social and economic challenges the world is faced with today. Recognising the collective knowledge obtained through centuries, we aim to refine the essential by eliminating the redundant. Creating value through the means of sustainability, conscious design and social awareness is the fundamental principle of our work. Through the projects and initiatives that we engage in, we seek to define the essence of sustainable design, understand contemporary human habitat and look for new relations between built and natural environments.